lundi 23 mai 2011

Gil Ventura - "Sax Club Number 16" (1977)

Gil Ventura 
 "Sax Club Number 16" 

Gil Ventura is a sax player who was more or less specialized in erotic movie theme covers...
From "Bilitis" (on this LP) to "Emmanuelle" to "Histoire d'O" to  "Sesso Matto", he must have played the m all !!! 

This one and many more (numbers 18,15, 13 and 5)

This video is his cheesy rendition of the "Histoire d'O" theme (the original version by Pierre Bachelet is somewhere on this blog). Sadly, this one is NOT on the LP above... But I just HAD to put it here, as it is sax and sighs at their best !!!

Anthony Ventura (a.k.a. Werner Becker) - "Music For Making Love"

Anthony Ventura 
 "Music For Making Love" 
(Vol. 1)
Get it at Lounge Legends !

Anthony Ventura 
"Music For Making Love Vol.2"


Anthony Ventura
"Music For Making Love Vol.3"

Get it HERE

Know more about Anthony Ventura HERE

Various Artists - "Diversions" OST (a Retro-Teque soundtrack)

Various Artists 

Get it at Retro-Teque

Retro-Teque is a blog working on re-creating the O.S.T. of movies that used library music for their soundtracks. The result is really amazing and gives you a chance not only to listen to soundtracks that would have been lost otherwise, but also to discover a lot of very good library artists, as those soundtracks can also be listened to as great library comps. 

Philippe Sarde - "Premiers Désirs" OST

Philippe Sarde 
 "Premiers Désirs" 

Movie HERE

lundi 9 mai 2011

Various Artists - "GS I Love You- Japanese Garage Bands of the '60s"

Various Artists 

(files are in wma)

Various Artists - "Seishun Uta Nenkan 1976 BEST 30"

Various Artists 

Various Artists - "Seishun Uta Nenkan 1972 BEST 30"

Various Artists 

I don't read japanese but it seems to me like a top 30 of year 1972...
Correct me if I'm wrong !

Various Artists - "Nikkatsu New Action – World Of Akira Kobayashi – Gangland War – Bloody Territories 1966 to 1971"

Various Artists 

...Not sure that there are extracts from "Black Tight Killers" in this comp...
(but it seems relevant AND it will make DJ No Breakfast happy)

Tamiko Jones - "Love Trip"

Tamiko Jones 

Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciter - "Drum Drum Drum"

Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciter 

so many covers for this one !

Jun Mayuzumi - "Angel Love / Black Room" -7"- (1968)

Jun Mayuzumi 

samedi 7 mai 2011

Vangelis - "Sex Power" OST (1970)


More info about the movie (and another link to this OST) HERE

or HERE (with an extract of the movie)

(this video is fan video using footage from another movie)

Guido e Maurizio De Angelis - "Malombra" OST (1984)

Guido e Maurizio De Angelis 

I thought I had already posted this one... I fell upon it somewhere
(was it HERE ? This surely is another great place you should really visit !)
and had to check to be sure and it happens that I don't 
have posted anything by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis by now !
This is one hell of a mistake that I'll have to correct as soon as I can !!!

Movie HERE

Here is the only movie extract I could find (starts at 2:02)

Dave Grusin - "Candy" OST

Dave Grusin

Can also be found HERE,  HERE, or HERE...

The Movie (HERE) is pure fun !

Chiyo Okumura - "It's regrettable, but happy"

Chiyo Okumura 

More  beautiful cover art from other Chiyo Okumura LPs

Charles Wilp - "Fotografiert Bunny" (1999, Ata Tak)

Charles Wilp 
(1999, Ata Tak)

Original uploader HERE
(Pay him a visit, he is amazing)

Bruno Nicolai - "Paolo & Francesca" OST (1971)

Bruno Nicolai 

More info about this very obscure movie HERE (in italian)