samedi 7 mai 2011

Bruno Nicolai - "Paolo & Francesca" OST (1971)

Bruno Nicolai 

More info about this very obscure movie HERE (in italian)

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  1. Hum hum ... the finest from ITALY from BRUNO NICOLAI (the arranger of ENNIO MORRICONNE)
    Hey TABAYO ! sure you will like the OST "CAMILLE 2000" by PIERO PICCIONI (1970/REISSUE EASY TEMPO RIGHT TEMPO LABEL 1998) so much pleasure to have buy it 10 years ago...
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  2. I think Camille 2000 is already somewhere on this blog... (but I haven't checked). If not, it must be somewhere in my hard drive. I only hope it was not in the hard drive that crashed a month ago !!!

  3. Camille 2000 IS on this blog ! I just fell upon it checking other Piccioni stuff... Look for it using the Piero Piccioni label.