samedi 30 octobre 2010

Jayne Mansfield - "Jayne Busts Up Las Vegas"

Jayne Mansfield

Various Artists - "Suprême Lounge Vol.2" (2001, Play-Time)

Various Artists
(2001, Play-Time)

... Same thing as Vol.1... We still have the best of party scene musical backgrounds from 60s/70s french comedies (or is it the rest of the best ?)
Composers are more or less the same as in vol.1, with interesting additions such as Henry Mancini, Gérard Calvi, Francis Lai, Ennio Morricone, Georges Garvarentz, Alexandre Desplat, Nicolas Errèra, Marc Collin, Bertrand Burgalat, André Popp, and even Lalo Schifrin (whose track doesn't actually come from an OST !)

There is a Vol.3... But unfortunately I lost it, and the title of this series is so cliché that I just couldn't manage to find it on the net (you can't imagine the amount of records that have "supreme" and "lounge" in their title !!!)


Various Artists - "Suprême Lounge" (2000, Play-Time)

Various Artists
(2000, Play-Time)
What we have here is a collection of french soundtracks from movies from the 60s/70s era, mainly comedies, and many of them reknowned for their kitsch artistry and old fasioned humor. The tracks chosen shift from jerk to bossa, and were most of the time musical backgrounds for party scenes.
Big french composers ahead ! Michel Magne, François de Roubaix, Vladimir Cosma, Philippe Sarde, Michel Legrand, Claude Bolling and many more...

vendredi 29 octobre 2010

François Cousineau - "L'initiation" OST

François Cousineau

Erotic movie from Quebec, featuring french speaking songs
by Diane Dufresne and Nicole and Bernard Scott.

Gianfranco Plenizio - "La Gatta In Calore" OST

Gianfranco Plenizio

...Morriconesque !
(Okay, that's not truely a word...
But it says it all !)

Jim Helms - "His Wife's Habit" OST

Jim Helms

His wife's habit ??? Let me guess...
Noooo, don't tell me she's a nymphomaniac !!!
That would be sooo unexpected !

Philippe Nicaud - "Erotico... Nicaud" ...And more ! (1970)

Philippe Nicaud

Philippe Nicaud is a french humorist from the 70s who is totally forgotten nowadays. His taste is for ambiguous situations and his  tone of voice is that of a chauvanistic pig loser. It used to be fun at the time but has become so cliché and old-fashioned... That it's just perfect to be part of this collection: each track is definitely a cupcake of smut and shake !

Philippe Nicaud / Eddie Barclay
7" (4 tracks)

Philippe Nicaud
7" (2 tracks)

...And a video !

Jacques Loussier - "Tu seras terriblement gentille" OST

Jacques Loussier
(a.k.a. "You only live once")

Despite its title (meaning "You'll be terribly nice"), this movie is a comedic drama that doesn't have a lot to do with the kind of movies usually here... But the music perfectly fits this blog ! (and, well, that's the reason why you're here, isn't it ?)

Very few info about this movie, as you usually fall on the eponymous french rock band when you look for it on the net... (very good girl band, nonetheless !!!)

Jo Moutet - "...Comme un pot de fraises !" OST (1974)

Jo Moutet

Soundtrack to what seems to be a french sex comedy starring Jean-Claude Brialy, Jean Lefebvre and Bernard Menez... And having the two last ones in the same movie sure tells a lot about the intelligence of the scenario !
Anyway, the soundtrack is pretty nice, with a very good title song:

"Ah, je me la ferai comme un pot de fraises
Ah, debout, assis ou sur une chaise"
...Which means approximately:
"Ah, I will do her like a pot of strawberries
Ah, standing, sitting or on a chair"

...Nice piece of poetry...


jeudi 28 octobre 2010

Giorgos Hatzinassios - "To Agistri" (a.k.a. The Hook) OST

Giorgos Hatzinassios
Marsellus Wallace defines this one as the OST to a "greek sexploitation flick from the 70's featuring the gorgeous Barbara Bouchet "

This one thanks to Marsellus Wallace's good taste !

... First ten minutes of the movie here !

Various Artists - "Bon Appétit !" OST

Various Artists

If the unambiguous company of Aunt Peg left you wanting for more... Well, here's more !
... And "bon Appétit" !

Featuring tracks by Trevor Bastow, Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Steve Grey, Tnoy Kinsey, and The Bruton Music Orchestra (library lovers will know what I'm alking about !)

"Aow, Fuck !", she said...

Various Artists -"Aunt Peg" OST

(The cover is a bit "rough", okaaay...
Well, didn't you click on a disclamer before you came in ?!)

Various Artists

Aunt Peg is definitely the kind of aunt that can teach you a lot about life...
And not the one that the family's proud of !

One sure thing is that the aunt loves the company of a good funky soundtrack to back her adventures !

Featuring tracks by Panther and The Midas Touch.

Meet Aunt Peg here !

mercredi 27 octobre 2010

Russ Meyer - "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" OST (reissue 2005, 20th Century Fox Records)

Russ Meyer Movie Soundtrack
(2005, 20th Century Fox Records)

OST by Stu Phillips featuring The Sandpipers, the Strawberry Alarm Clock
and The Carrie Nations (who are not a real band but the girl-band in the movie)

Best Russ Meyer movie EVER, with the best Russ Meyer movie score EVER !!!

Faye Richmonde & more - "My Pussy Belongs To Daddy" (1957, Beacon Records)

Various Artists:
"My Pussy Belongs To Daddy"
(1957, Beacon Records)

Irmin Schmidt - "Kamasutra - Vollendung Der Liebe" OST (orig.1969, reed.2009, Crippled Records)

Irmin Schmidt and Inner Space
(original score 1969, reissue 2009, Crippled Records)

-with cover art and booklet-

Various Artists - "Schwabing Affairs" (2004, Diggler Records)

Various Artists
(2004, Diggler Records)

-with cover art and booklet-

Gerhard Heinz - "Melodies in love - The Erotic World of GH" (2003, Diggler Records)

Gerhard Heinz
(2003, Diggler Records)

Various Artists - "Nymphomania Vol.3" (?, Sexy Hexy Records)

Various Artists
(?, Sexy Hexy Records)

This one has even less info than its predecessors
(even the front cover was difficult to find, hence the poor quality),
so here is the list of what's inside:

01- Soul Orgasm-Isation: Ode To Billy Joe
02- André Brasseur: Pow-Wow
03- Ray Franklin Orchestra: Mercy
04- Klaus Doldinger: Coming Home Baby
05- Antoine:  Tout nu devant ta glace
06- Les Charlots: Necro-Bossa
07- Les Blackburds: Absolument Hyde Park
08- Ambros Seelos: Swingle Beat
09- Hugo Strasser: Black Knight
10- Les Blackburds: The 'In' Crowd
11- Hugo Strasser: Indian Reservation
12- Ambros Seelos: Cap Kennedy Beat
13- Klaus Doldinger: Negresco
14- Pussy Cat: Mais Pourquoi ?
15- André Brasseur: Special 230
16- I Marc 4: Peroche

Various Artists - "Nymphomania Vol. 2" (1999, Sexy Hexy Records)

Various Artists
(1999, Sexy Hexy Records)

I couldn't any info on discogs, so here is the back cover

Various Artists - "Nymphomania" (1998, Sexy Hexy Records)

Various Artists
(1998, Sexy Hexy Records)

...The tracks inside are not actually as horny as the title and cover art suggest !!!

I couldn't find any info on discogs, so here is the back cover

Various Artists - "Inside Deep Note Vol.2" (2005, OST Grammofonpladen)

Various Artists
(2005, OST Grammofonpladen)


Various Artists - "Inside Deep Note" (2003, OST Grammofonpladen)

Various Artists
(2003, OST Grammofonpladen)

Ennio Morricone - "Mondo Morricone" (1996, Colosseum Schallplatten)

Ennio Morricone
(1996, Colosseum Schallplatten)

Peter Thomas - "Raumpatrouille" (1996, Polyphon)

Peter Thomas Sound Orchester
(1966, Polyphon)

Transferred on "Weirdward Ho !"

Ingfried Hoffmann - "Robbi, Tobbi Und Das Fliewatüüt" OST (2002, Diggler Records)

Ingfried Hoffmann
"Robbi, Tobbi Und Das Fliewatüüt" OST
(2002, Diggler Records)

Transferred on "Weirdward Ho !"


(YouTube Video)

Various Artists - "Perry Rhodan - SOS Aus Dem Weltall" (2003, Diggler Records)

Various Artists
"Perry Rhodan - SOS Aus Dem Weltall -
The Original Soundtrack and Beyond..."
(2003, Diggler Records)
Transferred on "Weirdward Ho !"

Movie HERE

Peter Thomas - "Moonflowers And Miniskirts" (2003, Marina Records)

Peter Thomas
(2003, Marina Records)

mardi 26 octobre 2010

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie - "Lialeh" O.S.T.

Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie

Gato Barbieri - "Last Tango In Paris" O.S.T. (orig.1972/reed. 1998, Ryko)

Gato Barbieri
(orig.1972/reed.1998, Ryko)

Peter Schirmann - "Fluchtweg St. Pauli" O.S.T. (Crippled Records)

Peter Schirmann
(Crippled Records)

Various Artists - "Las Vegas Grind !" Vol.1 to 6

And if you liked this, you'll love THAT !!!

Petite M'Amie - "Girl Friend- Baby Doll"

Petite M'Amie
(a.k.a. Mari Keiko)

Tani Naomi - "Modae No Heya" (?, Tiliqua Records)

Tani Naomi
(?, Tiliqua Records)