samedi 30 octobre 2010

Various Artists - "Suprême Lounge" (2000, Play-Time)

Various Artists
(2000, Play-Time)
What we have here is a collection of french soundtracks from movies from the 60s/70s era, mainly comedies, and many of them reknowned for their kitsch artistry and old fasioned humor. The tracks chosen shift from jerk to bossa, and were most of the time musical backgrounds for party scenes.
Big french composers ahead ! Michel Magne, François de Roubaix, Vladimir Cosma, Philippe Sarde, Michel Legrand, Claude Bolling and many more...

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  1. the finest GROOVE from FRANCE !
    compiled by famous french original soundtrack 60's and 70's specialist STEPHANE LEROUGE !
    if you buy on french FGL MUSIC/PLAYTIME LABEL, the "boss" THIERRY WOLF personnaly autographed the SUPREME LOUNGE VOL 1 to 3 as you demand !
    on the same label you can find KENZO SAEKI and the SERGE GAINSBOURG MADE in JAPAN !

    on the same LABEL you can find

  2. Sorry to have first deleted your com, I thought you were spam !!!

  3. I do own Kenzo Saeki (and others !) and I plan to add them... I still don't on which of my blogs though... You asked for it here, so I guess it should be here now ! (my god, so many things to post !!!)