lundi 23 mai 2011

Gil Ventura - "Sax Club Number 16" (1977)

Gil Ventura 
 "Sax Club Number 16" 

Gil Ventura is a sax player who was more or less specialized in erotic movie theme covers...
From "Bilitis" (on this LP) to "Emmanuelle" to "Histoire d'O" to  "Sesso Matto", he must have played the m all !!! 

This one and many more (numbers 18,15, 13 and 5)

This video is his cheesy rendition of the "Histoire d'O" theme (the original version by Pierre Bachelet is somewhere on this blog). Sadly, this one is NOT on the LP above... But I just HAD to put it here, as it is sax and sighs at their best !!!

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