mercredi 20 avril 2011

Various Artists - "Color Climax Vol.1"

Various Artists 

This sure is film music from porn movies of the 70ies (ang good one),
but I don't think it's got something to do with "Color Climax" precisely...
(I don't think movies like "Odyssey" or "The Image" were released
through Color Climax editions)

01- In the beginning (from "Fantasy")
02- Silhouette (from "Lust In The Fast Lane")
03- Creme de Menthe (from "Wanda Whips Wall Street")
04- Retribution (from "Odyssey")
05- Before Summer Ends (from "Barbara Broadcast")
06- Mister Cool (from "Never So Deep")
07- Atlantic Crossing (from "Tinseltown")
08- One For The Road ("Pretty Peaches")
09- California Dreamer (from "Double Your Pleasure")
10- Solid Funk (from "Hot Rackets")
11- Black Bison (from "Summer School")
12- Private Thoughts - (from "Maraschino Cherry")
13- Blue Funk (from "Debbie Does Dallas")
14- King Size (from "Amanda By Night")
15- Dali Mami Bowl (from "Eruption")
16- Centurion (from "The Image")

3 commentaires:

  1. When you get a chance, could you reup both of the Color Climax compilations? Thanks!

  2. OH! all the links are from megaupload... :(

    But maybe you can hear this compilation! :)

  3. Sorry, I haven't found them in my hard drive...