mercredi 20 avril 2011

O'Donel Levy - "Everything I do gonna be funky"

O'Donel Levy 

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  1. 'Black is Beautiful Cover Art Contest'...
    I'd say it would be hard to go past most 70's albums by the Ohio Players (Ecstacy, Orgasm, Pain, Honey etc). Most were also gatefold sleeve albums, so would all open out with a great picture inside.

    If you don't know their album covers please look online. Enjoy!

  2. The Ohio Players ? Yes, you're right ! How come I didn't think of them in the first place ? I'll have to add some of their artwork ...and albums too, otherwise it would seem a bit pointless !

  3. There's a Terrier Callier album with a naked girl on the cover too... The picture is less cheesy but the LP is veeery good ! I'll have to encode rip too, someday...

  4. I mean, "I'll have to rip that too"... End of the day leaves me confused in the fingers...

  5. I have 2 x Terry Callier albums on cd. The one you are thinking of with the naked girl on the cover is 'What Color is Love' & yes it's an excellent album! The other I own is 'Occasional Rain' which I don't think is nearly as good.

    If you need any help with these rips please let me know & I'll be happy to upload.

    Please add artwork of Ohio Players when you get the opportunity - it really is worthy. I don't think I can help with album uploads of theirs, as they are all on vinyl, except for Mr Mean (I think?), which I never bought back in the day & got on cd to complete my O. Players 70's collection, but unfortunately it's not very good. I think their earlier albums are best on the Westbound label, plus their first few on Mercury.

  6. I do have Terry Callier's "What color is love", so I'll be able to rip this one (in mp3 so if you feel like ripping it in something with better sound...) but I don't have any Ohio Players, so I guess I'll have to find them on the net first (which won't be very difficult !)...
    The thing is I have a lot of other things I would like to post (on this blog and on others) so I can't tell when they'll appear here !

  7. Hi, yes that's fine & of course if you don't feel that those releases belong on this blog at all I understand.

    Of course mp3 is fine; I basically look for 320kps encoding, but sometimes less can sound fine. I don't really need things to be in flac, unless it is something rather important & something I can't buy if I so desire.

    I was just trying to help you, but if you already have Terry Callier, then there is no need for me to upload.

    Keep up the great work on this & your other blogs - it is appreciated.

  8. Maybe it's Terry Callier that wouldn't really fit into this blog ! It's definitely a very nice album that is about true love and nice feelings and all... And that's not exactly the kind of thing that is to be found here !!! But I used this "black is beautiful" cover art pretext to have a silly reason to post good stuff, so anything from Ohio Players to Terry Callier is admitted. (even though it's not fair towards Terry Callier's genius to pretend that his album is cheesy stuff !)