vendredi 13 avril 2012

Russ Meyer Movie OST: William Loose / William Tasker - "Up ! Mega Vixens / Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Vixens / Super Vixens" REUP BY REQUEST

Russ Meyer Movie OST: William Loose / William Tasker 

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  1. Thank for this groovy soundtract♥♥♥

    Can you re up "color climax vol 1&2 please?

    i'm shure your enjoy this girls!!!!!

  2. Sorry but I can't reup any of the Color Climax volumes (which had nothing to do with the Color Climax german porn movies by the way !), as I don't have them in my hard drive anymore. They came from a blog called "Frayker's Revenge" which is pretty amazing and used to have many porn or softcore soundtracks: the "Color Climax" series, "Aunt Peg", "Skin Flicks", "Bon Appetit"... Followers keep on asking me for those records but sadly I don't have any of them anymore, and I really wish I had burned them on CD !

  3. ... I haven't listened to the feminine complex yet, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna love it ;-)

  4. I forgot to answer the most important: don't bother looking for them on "Fraykers Revenge", I've already been there and I think they have been deleted !