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Bobby Beausoleil - "Lucifer Rising" OST (1971) + THE MOVIE by Kenneth Anger

Bobby Beausoleil 
 "Lucifer Rising" 

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Let's see if I get everything right (and correct me if I'm wrong !)... Kenneth Anger had already an actor for the main role in his movie when he saw Bobby Beausoleil with his band The Orkustra in a happening in San Francisco. He convinced Beausoleil in being his Lucifer on the condition that Beausoleil and his band write and play the soundtrack. He then lended money to Bobby Beausoleil to buy musical equipement but Beausoleil bought drugs instead. Anger then told Beausoleil to keep the drugs but leave. Beausoleil left with the drugs AND some of the reels of "Lucifer Rising" that had been already shot (according to Beausoleil, he didn't steal anything and Anger simply lied because he had run out of money to end the movie). The Orkustra broke up, Beausoleil did only one gig with his new band The Magick Powerhouse of Oz, and left to San Francisco. While in California he fell upon Charles Manson's 'Family' at Spahn Ranch (apparently not willingly, according to Kenneth Anger). Bobby Beausoleil then killed  Gary Hinman (maybe under Manson's influence)a drug dealer he'd believed to have sold him duff mesacaline.  According to Kenneth Anger again, Charles Manson himself buried the "Lucifer Rising" reels in the desert so that they get destroyed by the heat. Kenneth Anger tried to build upon the rushes left of the movie and finally released "Invocation of my demon brother" with a soundtrack by Mick Jagger who improvised whiletrying to master the moog he had just bought...   Later Anger re-shot parts of the movie with Marianne Faithfull (in full heroin-addict condition) and Chris Jagger (Mick Jagger's brother) with whom he didn't get on well and of whom he finally erased all acting contribution in the movie. "Lucifer Rising" finally went out in 1973.


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