samedi 20 août 2011

Ennio Morricone - "Le Streghe" OST

Ennio Morricone 
 "Le Streghe"

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Complete movie online here:

Clint Eastwood appearance in the Vittorio De Sicca directed segment:

Eastwood & Mangano in LE STREGHE (1967 - 1/2) par Tushratta

Eastwood & Mangano in LE STREGHE (1967 - 2/2) par Tushratta

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  1. why is the title song not included in this pseudo "soundtrack" ??? why is INSTEAD(!)soundtrack "il dio sotto la pelle" included in the folder???, why are posterartworks included in the folder which is not even the real ost(or at least not the complete ost)...everyboy with 2 braincells would have noticed this, just by looking at the start of the movie or the youtube video which is posted here!!....idiocy knows no limits....,+Le

  2. I'll start by answering your questions:
    - I don't know why the title song is missing, I must have found the file like that...
    - I added poster artworks myself, because I like to have nice poster artworks in my files. I share the files I like, not the other way.
    - I don't know why that Piccioni OST was included (some copy/paste error I guess, as I am into massive reworking of my files these days)
    - I haven't watched the movie yet.

    And now, here are a few statements that may have some interest if you ever feel like commenting again:
    1- Talk to me like that and all you'll get for an answer will come from my two braincells: one says "fuck" and the other says "you".
    2- I'll totally agree with you on the point that idiocy knows no limits. I assume this is a universal statement...
    3- The amount of work I do on this blog of course induces a mistakes from time to time (pretty rare, though). Do I need to be insulted for that ?
    4- I have no obligation in posting your comments. Please do not forget this. Ever.

  3. Trying to understand in order to fix it, the answer is pretty simple... I found it here:

    Now, go insult this guy if you feel like having the same answer I gave you, only in greek:

    Unfriendly yours,

  4. Further research: the Ennio score above is definitely Le Streghe's score: the track "Mandolinata" can be heard at 44:20. A lot of tracks that can be heard in the movie are missing in this OST, but I couldn't find a better version, even at the blog "ennio Morricone - Il Maestro" (see link above.
    And believe me, if HE doesn't have it, nobody does !!!
    (and if you do, send me a link, you lucky you !)

  5. - The visual above is the 7" cover with Morricone's "Mandolinata" and Piccioni's "Cha Cha Beat".
    - This movie consists of 5 short stories shot by 5 different directors (for more info: and
    - Piero Piccioni did work on this OST, but on the first fragment only (source:
    - so it could be that the Ennio tracks in the file above come from another fragment (the part with "Mandolinata" at 44:20).
    - A Piero Piccioni edition of the "Le Streghe" soundtrack exists (limited to 500 copies only and released in 2009 - source:,+Le) but I haven't found any dl of it.
    - The reason why the title song doesn't appear in the OST linked above is that it's part of the 1st short movie and was composed by Piccioni, NOT Morricone.
    - The video of this title song can be found on dailymotion here (if you don't feel like watching the movie to find it):

  6. I have a 320 rip of the 2009 release of the full Piero Piccioni ost of le Streghe if you want it...?

  7. Thank you, I'll upgrade the link with this one as soon as I can !
    And thank you VERY MUCH for your support !