vendredi 18 mars 2011

Various Artists - "Sex-O-Rama" (year unknown, Oglio Records)

Various Artists
(year unknown, Oglio records)

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  1. Well dug sir! This is just the kind of record I would probably have a heart attack over if I found it in the racks!

    Many thanks for sharing and of course for the Debbie Does Dallas clip! It certainly takes me back to that golden moment in my childhood where in the UK there was a brief year or two in the early 80s just before I hit teenagehood when you could rent any kind of film from the local video shop...Debbie Does Dallas and Cannibal Holocaust are particular favourites from that era though looking back I kinda wonder what the shop owners were thinking!

    Though having said that I want to thank the particular video shop owner who in addition to renting us a steady diet of seventies porno and low budget gore would also turn us onto films like Jarman's artpunk classic Jubilee and all manner of strange art-house films like Luis Buñuel and Goddard..I thank him for shaping my strange tastes.

    And now I am rambling.... ;)