mercredi 16 février 2011

Various Artists - "Stray Cat Rock - Nikkatsu NEW ACTION" OST

Various Artists 
This is a compilation of various soundtracks from the "Stray Cat rock" movie series.

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  1. You wouldnt happen to have nikkatsu newaction 1968-1971, sukeban blues or zero ka no onha?

  2. i DO have Nikkatsu New Action somewhere on this blog... Use the "Japanese" libellé, you'll probably find it !!!

  3. I was looking to buy this album not too long ago, but everywhere I searched, they'd all seemed to have sold out. Just brilliant to find this one here!
    Oh...maybe you'd like me to upload this one for you?
    Miki Sugimoto Vs Reiko Ike
    CD cover here:
    It's a bit of a mixed bag, but some excellent tracks can be found too.

  4. miki sugimoto vs reiko ike is already somewhere on this blog ! Look here !

  5. Aaah, sorry, I had no idea that it had been posted so long ago. Looking at the size of the file I assume that it is not @320kbps, but I could be wrong without checking. I have the cd, so can 'upgrade' your file if it is a lower bitrate & that interests you?
    Your blog here is moving along so quickly, it's hard to keep up with all the amazing things you are sharing!
    Kind regards, Nostro.

  6. I found this one somewhere on the net and shared it here (I'm far from owning all the stuff that is on this blog !!!), and of course I'll be glad if you upgrade it ! As you must have noticed now, I don't usually care much about sound quality (is it because I was a teenager in the grunge/low-fi era ??!!) but I know that most of the people coming here care a lot more than me, so I guess it would be a major improvement if you (and eventually other readers who would read this) would send links to better versions !