mardi 4 janvier 2011

Various Artists - "Stereo Ultra" (1998, Big Cheese Records)

Various Artists
(1998, Big Cheese Records)

Very good compilation including the best of 70's french composers:
Georges Garvarentz, Francis Lai, Alain Goraguer, Michel Magne, Georges Delerue,
Claude Bolling, Karl Heinz Schäffer, Charles Dumont, Bernard Gérard, Jean-Pierre Mirouze, The Golden Pot and... "Resonance", a.k.a. "Bacson", a.k.a. Pierre Bachelet !

Soundtracks from the following movies:
"Des vacances en or"
"La leçon particulière"
"La planète sauvage"
"S.A.S. à San Salvador"
"L'homme de Rio"
"Un beau monstre"
"Qui ?"
"Le mariage collectif"
"Moi y en a vouloir des sous"
"Les gants blancs du diable"
and the 7" by Resonance called "OK Chicago"
and the theme of the french radio broadcast "Campus"

I don't know the story behind what happened to this compilation, but facts are that many of its tracks have been released two years later on the "Shake Sauvage" compilation on the german label Crippled Dick Hot Wax... And both comps have so many tracks in common that it can't be a matter of chance only !!! Considering the amazing tracks from this comp that have not been used on the Crippled release, I suggest you should listen to this one first, and have an ear on the other one later...

Anyway, here is the original french 70's soundtracks compilation
for all of you to enjoy and shake like hell !

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  1. Major MAJOR thanxxx for this and every other fanfukkentastic post you've taken the time to put up here...this stuff is impossible to find rule my friend!

  2. I have posted vol.2 and 3 more recently:

    (but the 1st was the best...)