mercredi 3 novembre 2010

Various Artists - "Sukeban Guerilla: Queen of Japanese Movie" OST

Various Artists

...Just found it on a japanimation forum ! (no idea what it was doing there !!!)
This one is not the usual soundtrack compilation... This is in fact a book about "pink violence movies" (sexual and violent japanese movies from the 70s) and with the book is included a CD of some of the soundtracks from the movies discussed in the book. But what soundtracks !!! The six first ones groove and shake like hell, and after that they just had to cool it, so we go for a bit of jazzy stuff, and blues stuff, and bossa stuff... And suddenly it comes to the end, and you can't help it, you've got to hear it again... You're hooked to pink violence, and nothin'else will do !!!

(And this one contains many beautiful scans from the book
as a bonus for you, lucky b*st*rds !!!)

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