mardi 2 novembre 2010

Michel Colombier - "Capot Pointu"

Michel Colombier

Features 2 tracks with lyrics written by Serge Gainsbourg

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  1. Respect to MR MICHEL COLOMBIER (RIP) one of the most famous FRENCH arranger, conductor and composer !...
    dont hesit to pay tribute to him .
    you can post "MESSE POUR LE TEMPS PRESENT" featuring PIERRE HENRY and also the first pop french 1967 musical comedy "ANNA" featuring SERGE GAINSBOURG !

  2. I thought I had already posted "Messe pour le temps présent" on WEIRDWARD HO but no, so I think I'll post it there instead of here...
    Same thing for Serge Gainsbourg's Anna, I'm trying NOT to post Gainsbourg stuff for the moment because it's going to take a lot of time, but when I'll post it, it won't be here but on LA PARENTHESE EN CHANTIER (another blog I run that is dedicated to french music and movies - I think of posting Anna's soundtrack as well as the musical comedy)

  3. "Michel" seems to be a name that brings talent and/or luck to french composers and singers... Michel Colombier, Michel Magne, Michel Legrand, Michel Fugain, Michel Delpech, Michel Berger...